Hanna Nitz

Robin hosts her friend, Hannah Nitz, to discuss the sacred rest we are invited to experience as God’s people. Hannah realizes that modern church culture can wring us out and strain our family life. Robin and Hannah enjoy a candid and light-hearted discussion about the pursuit of Sabbath joy in an age where it is elusive and even spurned.

For the past decade, Hannah Nitz has been involved in many marketing and media ventures. Working with ministries and nonprofits, she has shared her expertise of video production, website development, and conference planning.

No stranger to the microphone, Hannah’s experience includes her role as an on-air host with Moody Radio Cleveland, her frequent appearances on “Java with Juli,” and sharing on her own podcast entitled “There’s More.”

Hannah and her husband Caleb live in Akron, Ohio, with their adorable three kids under 5. She is a loud laugher, great cook, and always wants to talk about the delight of spending time with God.

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