Torah Today explores the Hebrew scriptures and culture that shaped the life of Jesus and provides common ground for all who seek the truth.

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Meet L. Grant Luton

Grant Luton’s love for the scriptures started at an early age, and a trip to Israel in 1991 started him on a journey that continues still. Upon his return, he began to study Judaism and Hebrew and would go on to serve as Congregational Leader of Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship for 26 years. Torah Today Ministries began as a way to continue to provide Grant’s teachings to friends and followers around the world.

Parshah Seasonings Series


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Recent Videos

In His Own Words: Messianic Insights Into the Hebrew Alphabet​
The Hebrew alphabet is unlike any other alphabet in the world. Each of its letters is a complete word, has a specific numerical value, is a picture of an object, and has a story to tell. Judaism has produced many volumes over the centuries on the fascinating subject of the Hebrew alphabet, but until now, there has not been a Messianic work produced on the subject. In His Own Words draws upon rabbinic lore and tradition to tell the story of Messiah and the Gospel to bring alive these wonders from God’s Torah.
God Prepares a World: Messianic Insights Into the Book of Genesis​
This first volume of L. Grant Luton’s commentary covers the first eleven chapters of Genesis. It brings a fresh perspective to this amazing first book of the Bible and will provide answers to many long-held questions. God Prepares a World will cause you to reexamine some presuppositions about the first chapters of the book of Genesis and will challenge, amuse, inform and inspire.

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