Jesus revealed that the heart of the Torah is to love God and to love our neighbor. This is also the heart of our ministry. Torah Today applies timeless wisdom to life here and now by exploring God’s word and learning to live within His kingdom principles. 

We live in a unique time when growing numbers of Christians are returning to the Jewish/Hebraic roots of their faith while Jewish people are discovering Yeshua (“Jesus”) as their Messiah. Each group has what the other so desperately needs, and the purpose of Torah Today Ministries is to assist both groups in their search.

There is also a growing hunger among Jews and Gentiles around the world to get past empty religious forms and engage with the spiritual essence of their faiths. External ritual is no substitute for spiritual reality. The teachings of Torah Today will help reveal the living heart of God’s Word in a way that will provide spiritual sustenance to the hungry seeker.

Our History

Grant Luton was born and raised in the Akron, Ohio area and has a teaching career that has spanned thirty years, including one year in England as a Fulbright Scholar.

He has led Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship since its founding, providing teachings based upon the original languages of the Bible with a special emphasis on the Hebraic context of the Scriptures. After twenty-six years at Beth Tikkun and, at the age of 70, he retired as Congregational Leader. He continues to provide teachings on a range of biblical topics through Torah Today Ministries.

Grant makes his home in Hartville, Ohio with his lovely bride, Robin, to whom he has been married since 1979. They have three children and one grandchild.

Our Passion

During his years of ministry as Congregational Leader of Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship, Grant Luton provided teachings on many of the books of the Bible including the annual Torah cycle, Gospels of Matthew and John, Romans, Acts, and almost all of Paul’s letters. These teachings emphasize the intimate connection between the Hebrew and Apostolic scriptures. They reveal the presence of Yeshua in the Old Testament and the importance of Torah in the New.


Now, through Torah Today, Grant is free to provide shorter teachings on various topics from a biblical perspective. Torah Today addresses questions sent in by viewers, provides valuable insights into words and phrases from the Hebrew Bible, facilitates reviews of classical Jewish texts, and imparts skills in how to more effectively study the Bible.

Torah Today was created to be a free resource for people around the world seeking a deeper spiritual connection through a fuller understanding of the Bible’s Hebraic context and rich Jewish background. If you’d like to help us continue our teachings and outreach, please consider making a donation using the link below.